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It might be nice to be playing the track Little Things You Do from Voice Of Love as you read this. It’s available on CD at all my gigs or at iTunes, Google Play and CD Baby. Here is a link to the album at Spotify:

The song Little Things You Do is a favourite of mine from Voice Of Love. It’s influenced by a number of songs that I like from the 1930’s era in particular which have gone on to become American Songbook classics. In those days some of the songs used to start with an introduction before getting into the body of the song and so I put a slow introduction in on this song. Something that is very rare in pop music today particularly as radio stations tend to like a particular formula for the songs they play.

Little Things You Do is perhaps the jazziest song I have written and I am particular pleased to have a “swing” feel in the bridge section which was inspired by the excellent double bass playing of Marianne Windham. I played piano and Sim Cracknell adds some tasteful drums. Anthony K. Wright added the saxophone solo. it’s quite sparse and I like it that way.

From a songwriting perspective I was pleased to add some diminished chords (first time in any of my songwriting) which again was such a feature of songs from the 1920’s and 1930’s in particular.

Maybe there is room for a comeback for the slow introduction to some songs in contemporary pop music!

Little Things You Do was written on piano…

The full lyrics are here:
Little Things You Do

I fell for you in a big way
You captured my heart
Maybe it was part of a grand design

It’s the little things you do, that make me love you like I do
You know I’ve always felt this way, I count my blessings every day
And I knew it from the start, that we would never part
And if I thought for a minute, my heart’s just not in it
A different path I’d chart

It’s the little things you do, that make me think so much of you
You know I’ve always felt this way, I count my blessings every day
Just to know that I’m with you, makes me happy through and through

And it goes to show, I’m letting you know
I love the little things you do
And I need to tell you how I feel. So I’m writing it in this song
I hope this little thing that I’ve done will help keep, love ever strong

You know you make my life worthwhile. I simply love it when you smile.
And every little thing you do, makes me want to be with you
So be mine for ever more as it’s you that I adore
And it’s the little things, the little things, the little things, you do

Lyrics copyright Vic Cracknell

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