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It might be nice to be playing the track She Makes My World Go ‘Round from Voice Of Love as you read this. It’s available at iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby or on CD at my gigs.

I had previously only ever written songs on my own but had wanted to do a collaboration for some time. Having enjoyed the songs of Guildford singer songwriter Francis Greene I asked if we might try and write some songs together. Obviously worrying about the “paparazzi” interest 😉 we got together in a secret location and got to work! She Makes My World Go ‘Round is one of two songs we wrote.

We were brainstorming a song idea and I think I came up with the song title and we wrote it from there. From what I remember Francis came up with the chords and structure then we worked together on the lyrics. I made suggestions such as repeating the chorus as it seemed to have quite a “hook” to it. We were both very pleased with the result and the song seemed very natural to write.

I enjoyed writing with Francis, our musical influences definitely cross over and because we both play guitar and piano it gives lots of musical possibilities. We both perform the song independently and together at open mic’s and gigs and it’s lovely when the audience join in on the repeat line of the chorus. Francis sings backing vocals on my version and he has also recorded his own version of the song.

Francis Greene recording his backing vocals

The full lyrics are here:
She Makes My World Go ‘Round
Each time I see her walking by, I always try to catch her eye
She doesn’t seem to notice me, I hope that one day soon she’ll see

She brightens up my day with sunshine, lifts me off the ground
I would like to be with her
She makes my world go ’round (x2)

I just can’t get her off my mind, I get this feeling all the time
I think about her every day, I hope she might think the same way


What can I do to make her see the way I feel?
How can I show her that my love for her is real?

Next time I see her in the street, I’m going to make sure that we meet
I’ll stop and smile and say hello, and tell her what she needs to know


And now that we’re together everything’s alright
We love each other so much, every day and night

She makes my world……go ’round

Lyrics copyright Vic Cracknell and Francis Greene

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